Shopping for a Mortgage

Are You Shopping For Your Mortgage?

MYTH: "Shopping for a mortgage will negatively impact my credit score."
FACT: According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, you have a 45 day window of opportunity to have your credit pulled by other mortgage lenders with no adverse effect to your score.

Shopping Around For A Mortgage Pays Off
  • The same way you shop around when purchasing a vehicle, furniture, appliances or other high priced items, it is important to compare not only mortgage rates but fees and points as well.
  • While it is easy to find "teaser" rates advertised online, a true mortgage quote is based on a handful of variables that are unique to each buyer and evaluated differently by each lender. Credit history, down payment, and debt to income ratio are typically given the most weight in determining a mortgage offer.
  • It is important to stay in the know. Some mortgage companies may issue their clients a pre-approval, and allow them to fall under the notion that permitting another mortgage company to check credit will negatively impact their credit score; costing their clients thousands on their mortgage.

We encourage our buyers to shop for the best deal available to them on the market. Our partnership with DSLD Homes and DSLD Title allows us to both save our clients money while also offering them a Team Advantage to lead, support and guide them through their exciting journey of home ownership. Our goal is to work with you to understand your specific needs, goals, and individual life circumstances so we can recommend the best financing options for you. Give us a call today to get started. 
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